IT Projects


Making an educated and informed decision about the direction of your company's technology can be a daunting task. Our specialist consultants constantly assess the latest trends and products on the market and are therefore best placed to advise you. Ofinet - IT Solutions can work closely with you in order to formulate and deliver a cohesive and comprehensive ICT strategy, allowing you to maximize the many benefits of technology in your business and increase your Return on Investment (R.O.I.)....

  •  Network design and implementation
  •  Standard desktop deployment
  •  ICT Consultancy Services 


Network design and implementation

Whether you need a completely new system because you're moving premises, or just want to upgrade your security, Ofinet Networks will do the job satisfactory to you test in following areas;

  • Installation of networks, hardware, software and new equipment.
  • ICT Security designed to cover networks as well as email, anti-spyware, antivirus and firewalls for your Internet connections.
  • Creating home and remote access working so you can be more flexible with your employees.
  • Internet, email and mobile solutions development.


Standard desktop deployment

Embedding security into your desktop design and deployment consists of three steps:

  • Developing a single standard for a desktop baseline configuration,
  • Incorporating the standard configuration into an image that can be deployed rapidly, and
  • Developing a single standard for desktop baseline security settings. 


ICT Consultancy Services

ICT Consultancy and Systems Integration are part of your business strategy and operate at management as well as technical levels. Ofinet long experience of ICT consulting and Systems Integration will help you to deliver your ICT strategic goals based on:

  • Impartial advice

  • Value

  • Best practice  

  Our typical Consulting services are:   

  • System Audit

  • Web Services

  • Expansion of existing systems

  • Creation of a new system

  • Considering a new technology, e.g. VoIP or business continuity.

  • Network design and implementation

  • Standard desktop deployment

  • Windows platform migration

  • Evaluation and selection of software

  • Messaging and collaboration systems and email solutions 

Other options may be available on request, please ask!