Support Services


Ofinet can advise you quickly and efficiently on any aspect of IT you want to ask about. IT Support can be delivered by telephone, email or remotely, depending on the issue or question you have. We set up VPN connections with our maintenance contract customers so we can access their network systems over a secure connection from our support centre. Most network problems can be resolved this way, as can manage multiple maintenance tasks.

  • Network Maintenance support 
  • On-Site Engineer support / PC support
  • On-going advice and support 

Network Maintenance support

Ofinet customers rely on their IT systems working correctly and efficiently for them. All maintenance contract customers benefit from our helpdesk, guaranteed always manned by our qualified engineers, remote support, site visits if required, consultancy on demand and hardware/software purchase arrangements. We'll also carry out regular health checks on your systems to make sure they are functioning as effectively as they should and to identify improvements to make it faster, easier to use, more efficient and safer.

  • 80% of issues are resolved within 4 hours of notification.
  • Email problems and file server failures are given an immediate response.
  • If an issue requires an engineer they'll be there within 8 hours of the call-out.
  • 98% of issues requiring an engineer's visit are fixed on the first visit.

On-site Engineer Support

We only employ qualified IT engineers. All Field Engineers are highly experienced in all aspects of network and PC support as well as being qualified in a variety of different Operating Systems including Microsoft, Novell and Linux. Most of our staffs are graduates and we constantly re-appraise our skills with a view to undertaking further training and skill development. The same engineers who visit your site for an installation or maintenance health check also staff the helpdesk, so you can be sure of quality and experience at all times. Our software development team constantly drives towards better practices and industry standards. From BSc Computing Science through to Microsoft Certified Partners, we are developing, delivering, and broadening our educational scope to bring highly qualified, skilled developers to the workplace.


Ongoing Advice & Support

With our decades of experience, we've learned a lot about IT in companies and you can benefit from that knowledge. All maintenance contract customers benefit from free advice and consultancy, so you can call us up and ask about any aspect of IT or networks, without charge, and get to speak to a qualified engineer based in London who knows about your IT systems and can give you real, practical advice.

“ Thanks so much for the awesome customer service. So many companies, large and small, have a lot to learn from you. Great job! ”