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Ofinet gathered a team of expert engineers and support staff to help deliver its vision. We’ve built on this philosophy of fun, friendly and reliable IT support, IT projects and Website services at extremely good value.

Advanced Technology

Advanced Technology

Ofinet - IT Solutions will produce your site and let you manage your content everyday. The perfect WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) website building tool that lets you rapidly create, manage websites with full content management functionality.  We will set up your server, install and configure the CMS and design your page.  

You have complete control of your web content and can add, edit and delete product information, build a new site section, alter your branding or launch a new marketing initiative in minutes.

Great Opportunities

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IT Solutions

IT Solutions

Our specialist consultants constantly assess the latest trends and products on the market and are therefore best placed to advise you. Ofinet - IT Soultions can work closely with you in order to formulate and deliver a cohesive and comprehensive ICT strategy, allowing you to maximise the many benefits of technology in your business and increase your Return on Investment (R.O.I.)....

Support Experts

Support Experts

Ofinet can advise you quickly and efficiently on any aspect of IT you want to ask about. IT Support can be delivered by telephone, email or remotely, depending on the issue or question you have. We set up VPN connections with our maintenance contract customers so we can access their network systems over a secure connection from our support centre.

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We started small ourselves – as a one-man-band, in fact, by helping local businesses in London with computer support thereby empowering businesses to use technology more effectively to grow their businesses.
Since then, Ofinet has amassed an enormous amount of personal experience in helping over 1000 small and medium businesses solve their IT problems. Ofinet gathered a team of expert engineers and support staff to help deliver its vision. We’ve built on this philosophy of fun, friendly and reliable IT support at extremely good value.

Need help deciding? You're not alone - You will find solutions suitable for Small Office and Home Office users, as well as Small and Medium Enterprises. If you are interested in a solution tailored to suit your particular environment with a pricing policy to fit, do not hesitate to contact us.
Our reputation has been built on service. It is absolutely essential for Ofinet - IT Solutions to deliver the best products and maintain the highest standards of quality with our ethos 'Attention to Detail' being deeply engrained in all we do. In partnership with our selected vendors we will provide you with high quality, leading edge well supported solutions that you can rely on. We will help you in selecting products that provide the best functionality to meet your needs at the most reasonable price.

Ofinet - IT Solutions would run all the tests and diagnostics on your system before signing off the project.